Mail House

MMTS Mail House can laser print, fold and insert in excess of 50,000 mailing pieces a day. High speed laser printers make short work of simplex or duplex A4 and A3 fully personalised letterheads, and our intelligent inserter can handle multiple personalised letters as well as inserting runs with variable inserts.

Digital colour laser printers can be used for smaller volume, high value mailing jobs, and using our direct addressing system to print plain faced envelopes with the delivery address, saves you money. We have expertise in pre-sorting mail for other Postal Authorities allowing direct discounted lodgements.

Our Mailing House services include:

  • High speed variable data laser printing
  • Digital colour variable data laser printing
  • Variable data / Transactional printing
  • Direct addressing of envelopes up to C4 size
  • Folding
  • Intelligent inserting up to 7 inserts
  • Handling inserting for small or complicated jobs
  • Pre-sorting for Australia Post
  • Pre-sorting for other Postal Authorities (i.e. Royal Mail, USPS, Canada Post, etc.)
  • Bulk mail lodgement and dispatch

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